Air transportation

May you require an urgent delivery or if you need to travel to a distant location in a fraction of the time needed for standard land transportation, let us recommend the use of our Aero-Taxi service. Our qualified pilot has aircrafts at his disposal, which are able to transport you or your package quickly and reliably around Europe and beyond.

  • Individual transport of packages.
  • Departures from airfields preferably suiting the customers’ demands (closest to your home, office, place of engagement).
  • Under suitable conditions it is even possible to use small grass airfields, which could possibly be close to the desired point of departure or to the destination of transport.
  • Urgent deliveries e.g. of industrial machinery parts and components for production lines, legal documents etc.
  • The service includes: collection of the parcel, transfers, customs clearance, insurance, delivery to customer.

THowever, this service is not limited to transportation of individuals or parcels from one place to another.You may order it to realize a sightseeing flight.

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Detailed information and price rates will be sent when required.

 In organizing air transport we provide:

  • collection of parcel, packaging
  • transport to the airfield of departure
  • complete customs paperwork
  • air transportation
  • delivery of parcel to final destination - „form door to door“

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